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Broadhead Target Broadhead Target

everwear Archery produces the most innovative and longest lasting broadhead targets on the market. Our debut at the AMO '98 archery trade show redefined the concept of broadhead targets and set new standards for their performance.

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Each year bowhunters are faced with the need to fine-tune both their equipment and skills for the upcoming hunting season. A problem associated with this annual ritual is the necessity of practicing with fieldpoints, only to mount broadheads and let loose a few test shots to sight in a bow just before hunting season begins; unfortunately this practice fails to adequately account for the different flight characteristics that manifest themselves when shooting broadheads. Enabling bowhunters to hone their skills using the same arrow configuration that will be deployed in the field increases the likelihood of a successful hunt and one-shot kill.

The quest to find a reliable broadhead target led Charlie and Robbie Nettle to develop a target elevating the role of function over form for the very first time. Rather than attempt to identify a material able to withstand the impact of a broadhead, they were inspired to use a material capable of absorbing that impact without noticeable wear. As a result, it's now both practical and affordable for every arrow a bowhunter shoots to be tipped with a broadhead.

Broadhead Target
Broadhead Target

Although one of our most frequently asked questions, the innovative nature of our product makes it impossible to answer in absolute (or quantitative) terms. With proper care the core of a Neverwear Archery target will easily outlast those of more conventional targets; some of our targets have withstood over tens of thousands of broadhead shots without a single arrow pass-through and showing few signs of wear!

In order to maintain the consistency necessary to assure optimum arrow stopping power, it's recommended to repack the core of our targets after every 20 to 30 shots (repacking the core is a simple procedure that takes less than one minute). Since the borders of our targets are composed of a self-healing polyurethane foam, pressure induced from the target's center when the core is repacked has the effect of prolonging overall target lifespan by facilitating the inherent reparative properties of the foam.

Broadhead Target

It should be noted that until now, the design of broadhead targets was based on the utilization of materials considered able to withstand the abuse inflicted by broadheads - for obvious reasons, this approach has achieved only limited degrees of success!

While not disputing these claims, we believe in providing even greater value. Any Neverwear Archery target will cruise through the first 10,000 shots (making the cost-per-shot range less than 2 cents per shot) without a single arrow pass-through and with a substantial useable product lifespan still ahead!

Broadhead Target

Our non-wearing clay core is the most innovative feature to be introduced in archery targets since its predecessor, the now obsolete replaceable core. With proper care, repacking the core (using a two pound maul to compress the clay when necessary), it will significantly outlast any target on the market. The synthetic clay used in the cores of our targets will not dry out and has been specially formulated so it does not adhere to arrow shafts.

Broadhead Target

The Neverwear Archery target core being repacked.
Notice the dis-lodged broadhead that can now be removed.

Broadhead Target

Packing the core tight and solid with a 2 lb. mallet.
The mat you see is included with the target for the
purpose of flattening the core. The piece of
pipe is for making bullseye's.

Broadhead Target

The newly repacked core, looking good as new.

Broadhead Target

All Neverwear Archery targets feature a 20-inch circular face with a 12-inch section
flattened to support the target in a freestanding upright position.

Weight Core
Speed Rating Direct Retail
50 lb. 7.5" High Speed $229.00 + s&h

Targets available by advance order only.

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